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Skilled Capital (SC)

Skilled Capital is an ACT Government funded training initiative offering a comprehensive range of services and subsidies to provide Canberrans the support they need to complete the training that is right for them.

Skilled Capital offers an opportunity for the Canberra community to access quality training and fill critical skills needs areas across a range of industries such as community services, information technology, health and construction.

Please see courses offered by AAAS under the Skilled Capital initiative.

Further information about Skilled Capital is available at –


ACT JobTrainer (JT)

ACT JobTrainer offers fee-free vocational education and training to young people and job seekers across Canberra in areas of employment growth.

Canberrans aged over 17, who have left school, will have the opportunity to enrol in this priority regardless of their employment status.

JobTrainer is jointly funded by the Commonwealth and ACT Governments and is designed to complement other training available through existing ACT Government initiatives.

Further information about Job Trainer is available at –


Australian Apprenticeship / User Choice (UC)

Australian Apprenticeships include apprenticeships and traineeships and combine time at work with off-the-job training and can be full-time, part-time or school-based.

Australian Apprenticeships lead to a nationally recognized qualification and provide Australian Apprentices with the necessary job experience to pursue the career they want.

AAAS has dedicated supportive team of highly experienced staff looking after all arrangements at AAAS.

Further information about User Choice is available at –



This training is subsidised by the NSW Government.
Smart and Skilled is a reform of the NSW Vocational Education and Training (VET) system. It’s helping people in NSW get the skills they need to find a job and advance their careers.

Smart and Skilled provides eligible students with:

  • an entitlement to government-subsidised training up to and including Certificate III
  • government funding for higher-level courses (Certificate IV and above) in targeted priority areas.

Further information about Smart and Skilled is available at –

Business training program


The Business training program involves various aspects of managing scarce resources in a business entity and supporting a business by production/planning, decision making, project management as well as allocating human resources and finances. While, at the same time, carrying out organisational goals, policies and procedures.

We believe in making the enrolment process as easy as possible.
All of our courses combine theoretical and practical knowledge to ensure students receive job-ready education.
Support & Monitoring
provide our learners with additional support, advice or assistance to help achieve positive learning outcomes.
Collect the evidence and make judgements that all aspects of the unit of competency are held and can be applied in an industry context.
a student’s achievement in a course of study leads to a nationally recognised qualification.
Job Opportunities
A focus on real-world and industry-based skills offers the opportunity to learn specific and practical job skill providing a path into the workforce.

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